Lorin was raised in an extraordinarily creative family who encouraged him to pursue the visual arts from his earliest years. His love of illustration and design developed from copying his father's industrial design portfolio compounded with a healthy dose of the work of: Syd Mead, and Star Wars visionaries Joe Johnston, Nilo-Rodis Jamero, and Ralph McQuarrie

After returning from a two-year Mormon mission in 2001, he joined an animation and visual effects studio in Dallas TX which had him working in a variety of disciplines in both pre-production and post production. Also at this time he befriended mentor David Dozoretz, who at the recommendation of Iain McCaig, pulled him on board a feature film he was developing as part of a pitch for 20th Century Fox, providing character designs and storyboards.

In 2005, he was invited to be one of fifty animators to join the animation team to rotoscope the film, 'A Scanner Darkly'. Following the production, he was contacted by a producer to help with a re-branding campaign for Turner Classic Movies. The objective was to create a virtual fly-through of an Edward Hopper-inspired painting, emphasizing the film noir genre the channel is known for. Concurrently with this project, Method Studios contacted Lorin to design a Loch Ness monster for a celebrated Toyota Tacoma commercial which aired during the super-bowl that year. 

Mid-2007, David Dozoretz asked Lorin to join him on some films that were in development, this time as a pre-visualization animator. He worked closely with director David Goyer and visual effects supervisor John Berton at Walt Disney Studios on a feature film pitch, and followed that on the 20th Century Fox film 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' with renowned visual effects supervisor Jeffrey Okun

Lorin returned to Texas and was quickly hired by Gearbox Software to act as a lead conceptual designer for the game Aliens: Colonial Marines and take over for legendary designer Syd Mead, who fleshed out the designs he had created for the original film. While at Gearbox, he has also worked on several original studio IPs, such as BorderlandsBorderlands 2, and subsequent conceptual design support roles for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Battleborn.

In 2009, Lorin started a blog dedicated to robots titled Nuthin' But Mech, one of his great loves since childhood. From his years in the entertainment industry, he was able to invite his professional friends to populate the blogs. Soon after joining the blog, Scott Robertson agreed to publish a printed edition under his Design Studio Press label. The first book debuted during the 2012 San Diego ComicCon with the second and third volumes subsequently released in June 2014 and November 2015. Lorin has continued his partnership with Design Studio Press with an independent publication covering spaceships, his second favorite subject matter, with the publication Woosh! 

Lorin continues to sharpen his tools and expand his ever evolving palette of dynamic projects in design, entertainment and storytelling. He can also be found occasionally lecturing at the University of Texas-Dallas on networking, and principles of design. He is currently developing his own IPs in earnest, among several other high-profile projects including the final printed volume of Nuthin' But Mech which is expected to be released during the San Diego ComicCon in mid-2017.